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Forum Risk and Insurance is a damage insurance brokering firm founded in 2013 by Francois Jean and Alain Giroux as the result of the management buyout of a well established firm in Montreal.

Our values are predicated on our entire team being involved, committed and accountable. Integrity, autonomy and expertise are also qualities that define who we are and what we do. At Forum, we always strive for collaboration, teamwork, creative solutions, and fostering an environment driven by learning and professionalism.

Forum offers its clients a wealth of international resources through partners, while ensuring local expertise and efficient service.

Around the corner. Around the world.

We offer a unique combination of being right there where you need us, along with the global reach of specialized international partners. We offer client-service capabilities in countries and territories around the world.

Ours is a business of trust. So our experts not only know your industry inside out, they stand by you through thick or thin, from underwriting to claims to loss prevention.

/ Our experts

François Jean

François Jean, PAA, CRM

Damage insurance broker

T   514 864-5961


When he cofounded Forum in 2013, François set his sights on assisting businesses that would require expert and tailored risk management services. Essentially aiming to adopt a customer segment for which there are no pre-packaged solutions, François knew he had to offer personalized service that combines the know-how of large corporate firms with the flexibility of smaller firms. His intuition was right, because Forum quickly began to stake its claim as a firm able to resolve even the most complex issues with a highly sophisticated strategic outlook. Thanks to a solid 25-year track record in damage insurance and product development, François has a unique flair for conceiving innovative solutions and putting together prevention packages that reflect his customers' specific needs. François negotiates with insurers to build solutions tailored to each customer, regardless of the complexity of the situation.

A born consensus-builder, he knows how to anticipate delicate situations and ease the concerns of the various parties involved. Our customers especially value his talent for tending to every detail and always finding the right words.

Alain Giroux


Commercial-lines damage insurance broker

T   514 864-5962


Alain cofounded Forum in 2013 in order to share his vision of a collaborative approach to risk management. For him, sound advice trumps insurance policies – by making customers the main focus, you help them understand what the real issues are and make informed choices.

His 15+ years experience exploring the various facets of the insurance business, as both a broker and a risk manager, have made him a pragmatic leader always with an eye on the long game.

Alain has advised some of the largest corporations in Québec, in a wide range of industry sectors spanning construction, manufacturing, life sciences, technology and banking. This enabled him to acquire the kind of extensive risk management expertise that helps him deftly navigate even the most complex cases, here and abroad.

Among his many noteworthy talents, is his rare expertise in large-scale industrial construction and infrastructure projects, from Asia to Africa, and of course, Montréal.

Alain has an unparalleled gift for rallying people around common solutions, that address everyone's needs.


Commercial-lines damage insurance broker

T   514 864-5967


Patrick specializes in dealerships and stage equipment suppliers. He criss-crosses Québec year round to work together with our customers on developing solutions tailored to each individual situation. Although his 15+ years in the business enable him to handle highly complex assignments, Patrick believes in the importance of continuous learning, and being open to new ideas. According to him, the top two qualities customers look for in their broker are inquisitiveness and availability.


Damage insurance broker

T   514 864-5965


Hélène is in charge of customer service. She handles matters related to administration, certification, billing, issuing policies, and also assists with placing insurance products. She is often our customers' first line of contact, and they truly appreciate her attentive ear and insights – qualities she undoubtedly owes to her unusual career path. After studying communications and journalism, she worked in arts and culture and in media in the province's North Shore region, before turning her attention to the insurance industry after developing an interest in business. Because of her central role in the firm, Hélène is able to meet a host of customers from a multitude of sectors, and to follow them closely as they evolve.


Administrative Services Coordinator
Damage insurance broker

T   514 864-5972


During her 34 years in the insurance business, Julie has developed a unique talent for the day-to-day running of a brokerage firm. She handles all of the essential office and administrative duties, from greeting customers to billing and accounting.
She was born into a family of brokers, so she instinctively knows to treat each file in a personalized manner. What customers love most about Julie are the way she interacts with people, her good humour, and her talent for explaining intricate situations in simple terms.

Yves Bernard, B.A. , C.d'A.Ass.

Damage insurance broker and Programs Manager

T   514 864-5963


As manager of the Dealersure Program, Yves lends his expertise to dealerships, rental companies and transportation companies, as well as to the real estate sector. Over his 35 years in the business, he has honed a reputation as a jack-of-all-trades insurance man, from advisory roles to the placement of insurance products with underwriters and insurers.
Throughout his career, protecting wealth has been his key guiding light. Customers are more than just the sum of their assets. For Yves, the job is about ensuring business continuity, job security, the wellbeing of families, and ultimately, the prosperity of the community. He takes his responsibilities seriously, which is why he advocates for applying an authentic and uncompromising approach to risk management, predicated on always going the extra mile.


Personal-lines damage insurance broker
Private client services

T   514 864-5969


Cars, motorcycles, boats, houses, wines, jewelry, art – you name a type of asset, and chances are Franca has covered it for our personal insurance customers. Aware of the importance of providing integrated solutions, she handles every file from A to Z, from servicing policies to placing them, in Canada or abroad.

Attention, precision, discretion, and a good dose of empathy are qualities that set Franca apart. An active listener, Franca has a knack for recognizing peoples' preferences in order to put together personal insurance coverage that reflects individual lifestyles and personalities.



Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of your risks, an extensive knowledge of the market and discerning your needs and expectations. Why do you buy insurance?

Next comes developing and placing your insurance program. We negotiate the best coverage at the best rates, with the insurance companies that are the best fit for your needs.

We're not there to sell you insurance; we're there to sell insurers on you.


The best way to control risk costs is to prevent claims and losses. From reviewing your contract to loss control engineering, we have a wide range of methods for controlling your costs.

Our complementary risk analysis and risk engineering services work alongside those services provided by the insurance company to stem the frequency and extent of claims, always within your budgetary and operational realities.

It starts with understanding your business and what can go off the rails. Then we craft protection that fits and negotiate a price that works. Expertise is the best coverage of all.

Together, we will draft and rollout a strategy that will ensure the quality of the services to be provided, as per the timetable we will have established.

/ Why Forum

We are a boutique damage insurance brokerage and risk management firm with local, national and international capabilities.

Forum brings a team of insurance professionals with industry, coverage and risk management expertise. By combining our technical experience along with our brokerage and risk placement expertise, we offer our clients a comprehensive, incisive and dynamic broker team that will structure the right balance between level of insurance needed and its associated costs.

Forum understands the importance of keeping the communication lines open and making working with us effortless and enjoyable.

Your company is like no other. Same with your insurance. At Forum, we tailor insurance solutions.

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